Open Everyday 11 – 3

2134 SE Division Street


Have a musubi craving? Hankering for that delicious blend of pillowy rice with a savory middle surprise?

Serving Huis, or groups of friends/colleagues at workplaces throughout downtown and inner eastside PDX. 

Zip codes deliveries include: 97201, 97202 (partial), 97204, 97205, 97209, 97212 (partial), 97214, 97227, 97232

Musubi Service Area 2016

How to do a HUI DELIVERY

Form A Hui

Form a Hui, or a group of friends/colleagues at work who are all craving a musubi fix. Huis of 5 or more are most fun. Give us 24 hours notice for groups of 11 or more!

Get in Touch

Use our ONLINE FORM or text us at 503-444-9764. Just let us know your address (make sure it’s within our range – see above map), hui size and a nice note about how your day is going!

Choose & Enjoy

Please let us know of any special requests (e.g. “Please bring 10 Artisanal Spam”; or, “Please bring 7 Mac Salads”). Otherwise we bring most of the items on our menu. You simply make your choices when we arrive. It is a Musubi pop-up right in your workplace!

More about Musubi

Many of us who grew up in Hawai’i grinding musubis for home lunch or snacks at the beach know just how comfy these adorable rice balls can be. When your hanger is acting up and your blood sugar levels are diving, there is no better cure than a musubi or two. 

We’re bringing cozy Hawai’ian comfort food back from those beautiful childhood memories. And we think that you’re going to get as addicted to these pillowy rice gems as we all are on the islands.

We are passionate about ending your hunger. 

End Hunger Here

And we are passionate about helping to end the hunger of the 800,000 Oregonians who go hungry every year. That’s 1 in 5 of us. That’s too many, and we’re going to do all we can to erase this problem.

We know that the best way to fight hunger is to support the pros who contemplate this issue and are on the front lines day in, and day out.

With every musubi that you buy we are putting a dime into the collection jar. At the end of the year we’ll make a gift to a local hunger charity.

Ending your hunger helps end hunger throughout Oregon!

We Love Feedback!

We always want to be better and your thoughts and ideas make it happen.