Musubi is a return to our Hawai’ian childhoods, when the days were longer, the skies deeper and the surf broke cleaner.

When designing a business that would help us best deliver both excellent products and a strong social message, we knew that the musubi would be the perfect muse for us.

So, musubi, otherwise known as onigiri in Japan, is an unseasoned rice ball (unlike the sweet vinegar seasoning of sushi) with some kind of savory layer, wrapped in a succulent sheet of nori, or seaweed. The combination of high quality, sushi grade rice, with creative, homemade fillings, all hugged by umami rich seaweed is simply addictive. It kept samurai and farmers fueled up for hundreds of years. Most recently, in modern day Hawai’i, musubi has become a lunchtime and snack time ritual to hundreds of thousands of hungry locals.

Musubis are the absolute best remedy for that hanger you develop after a full day at the beach. Making your way slowly back to your car in the afternoon shade, still dripping in salt water and thinking about the onolicious (delicious) dinner your having soon, you’re always stoked to find a food truck or convenience store nearby selling musubi. It’s the absolute best snack imaginable. The pillowy rice. The savory layer. The umami seaweed. It’s like heaven.

This same nurturing quality of musubi guides the overall mission of our company — to END HUNGER HERE.

We’re passionate about helping to end your hunger.

We’re equally passionate in helping end the hunger of others in the places we live. In Oregon, one in five of us go hungry every year. That’s 800,000 people, more than 25% of whom are children. This is absolutely outrageous and something we together can end.

Musubi puts 10 cents from every musubi sale into a virtual coin jar. At the end of the year we will be taking our collection to an organization working on the frontline of hunger in our communities. What we know and respect as veterans of the non-profit world is the expertise and know-how of the professionals on the frontlines. Instead of blazing our own charitable trails, we will support the trail blazing of the pros.

So that’s Musubi. We’re creating the highest quality Hawai’ian comfort food items and ending hunger while we’re at it.

Won’t you join us?